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Ancient Knowledge For The Modern Reader


Latest Release

Stoicism for Modern Man 

In their collaborative work, Joseph and Breandan Lumpkin seamlessly blend their unique insights with timeless wisdom from Stoics Seneca and Marcus Aurelius. These stoic lessons beckon readers to return for solace and enlightenment during life's trials. With clarity and precision, this book presents the essence of Stoic philosophy in six modern lessons, guiding readers to scrutinize their perceptions and choose their responses to adversity with greater mindfulness. When read with care, this book offers a transformative journey into the heart of Stoicism, empowering readers to see more clearly, live more wisely, and navigate life's challenges with newfound ease.

Lessons Include:
The History of Stoicism
Stoic Ethics in The West
Stoicism for Modern Man
Stoicism and The Modern Christian
America, The New Rome: Resurgence of Stoicism
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (lightly modernized)
Morals of a Happy Life, of Benefits, of Anger, and of Clemency by Lucius Seneca

Constructed with care for your personal growth and enjoyment

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